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P3P® Policy Editor

Free Privacy Policy Editing Program

Provided by IBM

IBM P3P Policy Editor - Free Privacy Policy Editing ProgramA visual tool for creating and updating Web site privacy policies using the P3P language.

The IBM P3P Policy Editor is a visual tool, with an easy-to-use interface, for creating a Web site's privacy policy in the P3P language, which can be interpreted by Web browsers and other user agents that support the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) specification from the W3C. P3P allows users to automate the acceptance or rejection of a Web site's requests for information, based on user preferences set in browsers or client devices. Users are assured that their privacy is protected without having to read each Web site's privacy policy.

Using P3P, an organization posts on its Web site an XML-formatted (machine-readable) privacy policy describing its privacy practices, including the type of information collected, how the information is used, and who has access to the information. The P3P specification for declaring the types of data collected at a site can become complicated, requiring much time to develop and test and leaving Webmasters susceptible to errors. P3P Policy Editor takes the complexity out of creating a machine-readable policy by including standard data types and categories that can be quickly dropped into the policy and by providing error-checking to help locate required elements that are missing from the policy.


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