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PhotoPlus - Free Image Editing SoftwarePhotoPlus is the amazing photo editing software from Serif that enables you to enhance your digital photos and images, create stunning bitmap graphics and even web animations.

With PhotoPlus you can easily edit images, enhance colour balance, adjust brightness and contrast and make many more changes and adjustments to achieve fantastic results every time!

Key Features

  • Get Creative
    Enhance images with paintbrushes and airbrushes, removeunwanted objects or blemishes with a magic clone tool, adjust brushsize, shape, softness and fade for complete control.

  • Use Layers and Effects
    Be creative with layered images and apply sophisticated specialeffects, great on text. Add shadows, glows, bevels and more, without affecting original images, just like the professionals.

  • Your Digital Darkroom
    The amazing QuickFix Studio gives you the fastest, easiest way to crop photos, remove red-eye,correct color, saturation, contrast, highlights, shadows and more for the best results every time.

  • Warps and Transformations
    The versatile Deform tool gives you freedom to quickly rotate, addperspective and skew your images, while a powerful Warp tool givesyou amazing freedom to reshape and transform photo subjects!

  • Easy Text
    Add editable, deformable text to your photos and further enhance itwith perspective, stunning drop shadows, outlines, glows or beveleffects for even more impact.

  • Filters and Adjustments
    Turn photos into works of modern art using and combining impressive special imaging effectssuch as twirls, blurs, colour shifts, grayscale, stained glass, edge-detection and more.

  • 'How To' Guides
    Whether you’re making corrections to an over-exposed image, removing red-eye, adding specialeffects or cool filters, there’s always some help at hand, on screen, so you don’t have to interruptyour work. The How To guides can even carry out editing steps for you automatically!

  • Draw with Shapes
    Add ready-made, customizable QuickShapes to any photo, great forcaptions and craft projects. Choose from a range including speechbubbles, starbursts, spirals, a real time-saver.

  • Perfectly Optimized Images
    After pixel-perfect editing in your digital darkroom, you’ll want to saveat its best for your Website or printed design. Preview and make JPGsand other image files with the ideal balance of quality and file size.


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