Small & New Business Starter Packages
Full-Service Business, Web, & Social Media Awareness Marketing Assistance Starting Under $700

Step-By-Step Small & New Business, Web, & Social Media Awareness Marketing Assistance

Whether you're a brand new business that needs to generate awareness, leads, and sales from scratch; or an existing small business with little-to-no online website presence, we can help at affordable rates.

Our suggested new and small business starter packages include the basic tools any business today needs to succeed online:

  • 3-Page Professional Responsive Website $375 (Includes hosting. Hosting Only $7.25/Month, Paid Annually, No Commitment after the first year.)
  • 30-Day Facebook Promotion to Generate Awareness & Traffic $300

This provides small and new businesses everything they need to get a jump start on generating traffic, leads, and sales from today's online world for less than $700 with no contract or on-going commitment!


There are a number of steps in any small or new business campaign:

Initial Consultation & Planning

Our team of web and marketing professionals are here to help plan your new or existing company's success in a methodical, step-by-step solution. When meeting with our professionals, we discuss your unique business needs, then create an affordable plan for your unique business, including future growth plans both online and offline.

Using your company's current branding and marketing collateral, we'll help plan the intial website presence, and associated launch campaign. This launch campaign will help your new or small business get a jump start online, and begin generating customer traffic, new leads, and sales.

Design & Development of Web Presence

Using the information attained in step one's initial consultation and planning, we'll build your initial website using a professional and responsive design that loads on any desktop system or mobile-device and is Google Mobile-First compliant.

Projects should also include:

  • integration of Google Analytics for future review and analysis
  • linking to necessary social medias specific to your industry

Every business is unique, and some media platforms are more beneficial to some, than others. Advertising Solutions will help develop a campaign that secures your company brand among the platforms most pertinent to your business. Each campaign is tailored to your business goals and budget.

Campaign Implementation

Once your new professional and responsive website is live and ready to accept traffic, we'll launch a 30 day social media campaign to help raise awareness of the new website and generate upwards of 20-40K ad views over the next 30 days.

While SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a great tool to bring in targeted, ready-to-buy visitors, these efforts will be in vain if:

  • the social media page isn't optimized for these visitors,
  • the posts, and ads direct visitors to landing pages that are not optimized for the campaign, and the target audience.

Social media is today's word-of-mouth advertising. With Facebook being the undisputed largest social media platform, it's the best place to start for most new and small business social media advertising.

Successful small and new businesses will provide access to their social media sites for optimization to support the new website efforts. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest among many other social medias, have strong user bases, and may demand attention when it comes to determining a company's overall marketing plan for long-term.

On-Going Analysis Review

Making sure the campaign is progressing as planned is an essential part of the success of any small or new business campaign. Making sure that your campaign is performing to the best of its ability takes some regularly dedicated time to review and analyze performance reports:

  • How is the campaign progressing?
  • Is the company beginning to experience natural/organic ranking in search results?
  • What kind of click-thru rates are being experienced?
  • What kind of placement (ranking) are posts or ads within the campaign experiencing?
  • What can be done to improve the ranking of posts or ads within the campaign?

These among other questions should be reviewed and analyzed on a regular basis to make sure the business is not wasting money on the wrong target audience.

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