How To Advertise On Social Media - Developing an Effective Social Media Ad Campaign (Part 1 of 3)
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How To Advertise On Social Media
Developing an Effective Social Media Ad Campaign (Part 1 of 3)

by Jason Runyan, Advertising Solutions
Revised December 5, 2019
Originally Published August 17, 2016

When done correctly, a Facebook Ad campaign can significantly boost a company’s sales; all while increasing overall visibility on the most popular social network on the planet.

It’s worth noting that a Facebook Ad campaign is different than managing a Facebook Business Page profile, or optimizing it for consumers and search engines. Facebook Ads are a separate form of advertisement than a company’s Business Facebook Page; hence has a different set of rules for success.

There are numerous facets to effectively advertising on social medias, such as Facebook Ads:

1. Promote One Product Or Service Per Ad

  • Identify a specific product or service that will be advertised.
  • Rarely does advertising general sales or services work for social media ads.
  • Success is often achieved when a specific product or service is offered.
  • If there are multiple products or services to be advertised, create a separate ad campaign for each product or service.

2. Offer Something For Free

  • Offer to solve a problem for free; provide them something small, (yet of value) at no cost.
  • Consumers like to be enticed with a free taste of what they will get.
  • Depending on the industry and the product or service for sale, the enticement should solve (or attempt to solve) a minor problem with promise of more.
  • If offering consulting, perhaps provide a snippet of what will be learned utilizing the program being advertised.
  • Pay attention to fan pages, and rumblings of what’s wrong, or can be improved.

3. Show Personality

  • Show personality and culture.
  • Consumers don’t buy the service; they buy the people before they buy the service.
  • Whether an individual consultancy, or a larger multi-employee firm; show users the fun, yet professional, side of the company culture and those personalities within.

4. Charge To Solve Additional Problems

  • Everyone knows that a business has to pay the bills.
  • Companies can’t give away everything, as much as one may wish.
  • Offer to solve more problems for a fee.

5. Start Small & Grow From There

  • Start with a small campaign; something within an allotted, yet affordable budget.
  • When done correctly, small campaigns will generate additional revenues that can be reinvested into larger campaigns; as growth and sales permit.

6. Target Audience


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B2B SEO Facts

Many B2B companies think they’re immune to SEO, mobile-friendly, responsive website needs, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

However, the numbers are surprising; if your B2B company website isn't following Google's recommendations for SEM, SEO, and mobile-friendly design, you're most likely missing out!

Here’s the facts:

  1. Over 70% of all B2B purchase decisions start with a generic search. Some estimates are as high as 89%.1
  2. Nearly 90% of all B2B research is done using search engines.1
  3. Nearly half, 42% of all B2B research is done on a mobile device, and growing nearly 3X annually.1
  4. Nearly half, 46% of all B2B researchers are millennials on digital devices.1
  5. B2B pay-per-click advertising has the 3rd highest click-thru rate (2.55%) behind dating (3.4%) and finance (2.65%), yet above consumer services (2.4%)!2
B2B SEO Facts
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