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Understanding Natural Language SEO

Published August 24, 2017

For a good number of years now, both Google and Facebook have been using Natural Language Processing & Search. Natural Language Processing is basically the ability to understand regular human speech and conversation patterns.

Google has expanded upon the use of Natural Language Processing, and uses this to better understand a website's content, and how it relates to the most relevant search results for a given user's query.

An overly simplified breakdown of Natural Language, and how it might affect a website's SEO is as follows:

  • Main Keywords - These would still be the top keywords for the page of content in question.
  • Related Keywords - These would be the keywords and phrases that support, and relate to the main keywords for that page.
  • Natural Conversation - This would be the natural, descriptive language used in everyday conversation to describe the products, services, or information query to an end-user.

As noted in the infographic below, the Main Keywords used on that page's content are still an important indexing factor; as are Related Keywords and Phrases.

However, the Natural Conversation queues that search engines are looking for, comprise the breadth of the website's content, and have a big SEO impact on how well a site may rank for a given query.

Understanding Natural Language SEO

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