If You're Not Already Using Online Sales Channels, You Should Be!

Unlimited Growth Using The Web

If You're Not Already Using Online Sales Channels, You Should Be!

by Jason Runyan, Advertising Solutions
Revised October 10, 2019
Originally Published March 19, 2009

Whether a business is looking for local sales leads, or global prospects; having an online presence provides businesses from any industry unlimited opportunities and channels to reach out, gain new prospects, as well as service existing clients.

Advertising channels ranging from traditional websites, social media platforms, online advertising campaigns, sales channels, or a combination thereof, provide companies unlimited growth opportunities not seen with most traditional forms of marketing.

  • Websites are generally the most available, flexible, fluid, and affordable advertising medium available today.

  • Social media channels, (while sometimes limited to particular target markets) are another excellent source of free, flexible, and potentially viral forms of marketing that reach audiences affordably.

Together, no advertising mediums come close to providing the opportunities for growth, at a low cost, than "website & social media combinations" provide for today's businesses.

Any Business, Any Industry

Regardless of industry, a website and social media presence allow for customer interaction and online service. In addition to providing online information and marketing, having an online presence has become essential in today's business world.

A properly built and maintained website application, combined with appropriate social media channels, will help any company improve current customer satisfaction, provide online resources, and streamline day-to-day business management; all while generating new leads and business.

The return on investment (ROI) a company receives through online channels (such as a custom website, social media, and marketing) is often far greater than any other traditional sales channel available, with exception to word-of-mouth.

Whether a company is just starting out, and looking for an affordable website solution, or whether a more established business is looking to provide enhanced online customer service, (in addition to generating leads and sales); an online presence with proper sales channels will enhance the opportunity.

Besides being available 24/7, there are numerous benefits that many businesses have yet to take advantage of including:

Enhanced Customer Service & Problem Solving

An online presence derived of proper sales channels provide companies the opportunity to enhance their current level of customer service and support. Through such online channels, a business can offer current customers and prospects access to online support and Q&A's.

This support can be offered via means such as:

  • online help files on products & services
  • video demonstrations
  • live chat with a representative
  • online account management and order status

The possibilities are literally endless.

Secure Access to Real-Time Company & Customer Data

Many of today's online channels allow businesses to allow customers access to certain data, securely integrated in real-time with a website or another appropriate sales channel. Such secure access to selected data allows the business to offer customers features and functions that normally might require a company representative to provide, at a much lower cost to the company.

Imagine the following:

  • a customer being able to look up service records or order history online without having to pick up the phone
  • an account manager being able to access client records in real-time while in the field or out of town on a business trip
  • the owner of the company, being able to login and view up-to-the-minute, real-time sales while attending a business meeting on the other side of the country

The benefits are numerous.

Marketing Products & Services to New Areas

E-commerce is the practice of conducting business and sales online. Online commerce channels can often be integrated with many different platforms, and are used to generate more business with local clientele, or globally, thus allowing companies to sell 24/7, even outside of normal business hours.

Whether the goal is to:

  • allow current wholesale clients to place orders and schedule delivery online
  • sell copies of the blue-prints a firm creates nationwide
  • allow clients to place and pay for restaurant to-go orders
  • or any number of online related sales

Additional sales channels can range from:

  • Amazon seller integration
  • eBay integration
  • Google products integration
  • or integration with any other online sales channel

An online presence with appropriate sales channels makes it all possible.


Having an online presence offers many sales channels for businesses to not only increase potential sales leads and prospects, but also enhance its current level of customer service; thus increasing customer retention and loyalty.

As well, a customized online presence also offers ways for businesses to work more efficiently; thus cutting cost and bottom line expenses.

All in all, today's solutions for an online presence and sales channels are inexpensive, and often the most affordable methods to help companies grow and continue to expand -- regardless of market, locality, or economic conditions.

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