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Video Transcription For SEO Purposes

Published March 14, 2018

Statistics are proving that video is a great method of grabbing visitor attention, with a higher conversion ratio than most other forms of advertising.

While this is great to know, many businesses still need to attract the visitors to even view the video to begin with. They want to know of inexpensive ways to attract those visitors to their site to begin with; without having to spend a ton on advertising.

Hands down, organic/natural SEO factors to get top ranking in search results are still the most effective method of attracting new visitors without using paid advertising.

While the benefit of video and it's conversion properties are great for your sales, a transcription of videos can do wonders for a website's SEO. As most know today, Google likes informative, up-to-date sites, with lots of valid information on a topic.

By adding video transcriptions to a website, the website's content is being updated with keyword-rich, informative content, thus greatly enhancing the resource value of the site, which in turn optimizes a site and improves its ranking in search results.

Video Transcription For SEO Purposes

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