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Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary Web-Based Point-of-Sale Website Application Pricing Options

Cannabis Dispensary Retail Point-of-Sale Website
Ordering & In-Store Inventory System

Allow your medical cardholders to place real-time orders for pickup & cash payment in-store using our web-based point-of-sale system. As well, you can keep track of in-store orders by having employees enter orders and payment to be filled by the back-of-the-house using the same system. Your inventory will always be up-to-date & your medical customers will be thrilled to bypass the retail rush!

Our system allows you to take orders that can be paid with cash on pick-up for now, but is already setup to accept credit cards once the federal banking regulations are lifted.

  • All products, inventory, orders & content fully manageable via secure web-based admin area
  • Provides daily sales reports, inventory levels, and order management without having to know programming
  • Customize & integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting or management softwares in the future as needs grow and change

Never Any Hidden Fees

When you purchase your CMS, you own it! You are not responsible to pay any annual licensing or renewal fees. While most clients choose to host their CMS with Advertising Solutions, you are not required to as your CMS can be hosted anywhere using a unix-based server.

Retail Point-of-Sale Website Application and Integrated CMS Specifications
Retail Point-of-Sale Website Application and Integrated CMS Specifications

Point-Click-Save Technology

The built-in CMS gives you, the Administrative User, the ability to manage all aspects of your website content with Point-Click-Save technology.

  • Content of website pages editable by you or other authorized user via Online Administrative Center
    • No need for a web designer when you need changes or updates
    • No programming knowledge required as all changes are made using WYSIWYG Online Editor
    • No special software required
    • Completely web-based and accessible with any Internet connection
  • Unlimited editable website pages, products, categories and sub-categories

Product Management

  • Manually enter products and quantity available for sale:
    • Product Name
    • Short Description
    • Product Page Text
    • Product SKU
    • On Special - Lists selected items under the Specials/Featured Products page
    • Admin / Store Only - Allows you to select whether an item is available only in-store and not online
    • Select multiple categories to display the product
    • Up to three thumbnail and three large images per product detail page
  • Management of Product Attributes (e.g. Size, Color, etc)
    • Attribute Name
    • Display Order
    • Retired
    • Cost
    • Price
    • Inventory Minimum
    • Current Inventory
    • Adjustment of Quantities
  • Set Shipping Details - Allows you to set shipping cost, dimension and weight specifications for shipping calculations
    • Item Rate
    • Item Weight
    • Length
    • Width
    • Height

Inventory Management

  • As products sold, quantity will be deducted from stock
  • Affected Inventory allows for creation of packaged or bundled products
  • COGS based on individual product cost at time of PO for accurate reporting
  • Inventory Reporting
    • View Inventory Based on select criteria
    • View Low Inventory Reports
  • Quick Inventory Replenishment Report
  • Ability to scan in bar-coded product*
    *For ability to generated barcode labels, we must be notified of label printer and layout requirements

Vendor Management

  • Admin ability to manage available Vendors and information
  • Associate Vendors with Products for easy PO creation
  • Ability to modify and connect vendor to system for automatic placement of new purchase orders

Purchase Order Management

  • Admin ability to manage full PO cycle
  • Employee ability to create Purchase Order
  • Ability to create PO of Low Inventory Report
  • Automatically adjust inventory levels based on PO received

Order Management

  • Ability to Edit orders throughout Order Cycle
  • Search for orders based on Date or Time Period
  • Search for orders based on Status (e.g. New, Pending, Shipped, Cancelled, etc)
  • Order Reports by Order ID, Order Date, User, Email Address
  • Returns Refunds & Exchanges
    • All returns, refunds & exchanges are tracked per system user
    • Reason for Return or Exchange (Defective, Similar Item, Replacement, etc)
    • Comment field
    • Generate RMA # for return
    • Calculate Restocking Fee
  • View Payment History and Payment Types
  • View Time Period Sales Reports

User Permissions

  • Automated Customer signup
  • Customer ability to manage via 'My Account':
    • Contact information
    • Password
    • Billing and shipping information
    • View Order History
    • Make Payment Online
  • Customer ability to purchase online and have item shipped or select 'In-Store Pickup'
  • Administrator ability to manage:
    • Store Settings, Content, Products and Pricing
    • Users (Administrative, Employee, Customer) and Passwords
    • Orders & Status

e-Commerce Payment Modules

  • Integration with PayPal IPN allowing for real-time processing of payments via PayPal - simply enter your PayPal Account email to connect
  • Integration with Payment Gateway - simply enter your Account Login and Transaction Key to connect
  • In-Store Credit Card Processing - The 'Save CC Info Order Button' combined with an SSL Certificate allows your customers to encrypt their credit card number and information for you to process using your pre-existing manual credit card terminal in-store
  • Default Order Button - Allows your customers to save their order and mail in a check or call you to make other payment arrangements
  • POS Payment Types - Allows an Administrator to set the types of payments received in-store (e.g. Cash, Check, Visa/MC, AMEX, Discover, Layaway, etc)
  • Ability to customize programming and add ANY new payment systems as needed

Coupon & Gift Certificates

  • Administrative ability to add, manage and delete coupons & gift certificates
    • Percentage or dollar amount
    • Per item or items
    • Per user
    • Per order total
    • Set dates and expiry

Shipping Charges

While additional Shipping Options can be programmed in at any time, all xCommerce Shopping Carts come with the following built in shipping options:

  • Flat Rate - Every order is charged the same shipping rate.
  • Base Rate + Set Price Per Item - Every order is charged a fixed rate, plus an additional charge for each item purchased.
  • Variable Price Per Item - Shipping is calculated from the shipping price entered for each product. Enter the shipping price for each product in the product details area.
  • Price Per Pound - Enter your Rate Per Pound, then enter the weight for each product in the product details area.
  • By Total Cost of Items - Corresponds to the total price of the items in the shopping cart.
  • By Total Number of Items - Corresponds to the total number of the items in the shopping cart.
  • By Total Weight of Items - Corresponds to the total weight of the items in the shopping cart, measured in pounds. To use this option, you must enter the weight for each product in the product area.
  • UPS Real-Time Calculated Shipping - With this upgraded shipping option, your customers will have the option of choosing from the UPS Shipping options that you specify. Your users will need to be logged in or enter their zip code in the appropriate form in order to have shipping charges calculated, as the charges are based on the destination zip code, as well as the total weight of all items in your shopping cart. You must enter weights for all items in your catalog to use UPS Shipping.
  • Additional Shipping Charges - You can enter up to three additional charges that can be added to the shipping total, as well as the text describing each. Your customers will be able to check one of the three options and the additional shipping charges will be added to the overall shipping cost.

State & Country Taxes

Manage Tax Rates via the xCommerce Administrative Control Panel

  • Enter Flat Taxes or Percentage Taxes per States or Province
  • Enter Flat Taxes or Percentage Taxes per Country

Technical Specifications

  • Programming Language - PHP
    • Open source, no licensing fees as compared to or other proprietary programming languages
    • Powerful, stable and reliable
    • Used by many prominent companies such as Yahoo, GE, Motorola and hundreds more
  • Database - MySQL
    • Open source, no licensing fees as compared to Microsoft SQL Server 2000
    • Powerful, stable, reliable
  • Hosting Recommendation - FreeBSD / Linux
    • Not susceptible to virus and hacker attacks like Microsoft products
    • Powerful, stable and reliable

Optional Add-Ons to the Web-Based Point-of-Sale

*Optional Add-Ons are an additional investment and not included in the base engine pricing.

Sales Channel Integration

  • Manage multiple sales channels right from your main web-based point-of-sale administrative area
    • Integrate with eBay and manage products on eBay from your website automatically
    • Integrate with Amazon and manage products on Amazon from your website automatically
    • Integrate with other 3rd party solutions such as or any other sales channel that offers 3rd party integration

Advanced Inventory Tracking

  • Integrate additional database table to account for storage of single product attribute within location(s) thus allowing for storage of product in multiple locations (bin, floor, etc)
  • When order is filled from the back-end, inventory will be adjusted dependent upon which location item was pulled from
  • When inventory is received, personnel will be able to mark inventory location received

Additional User & Pricing Levels

  • Add additional user levels:
    • Retail
    • Wholesale
    • Institutional
    • Corporate Accounts
    • Create custom pricing levels based on user type

Non-Inventory Item Sales

  • Give personnel the ability to add special order items and "check mark" the item to not track in inventory

Accounts Receivable Customer Balance Tracking

  • Create a customer card account with running balance
    • Add to Payment Options
    • Card account admin management
    • Card user management

Gift Card/Certificate Balance Tracking

  • Create a gift card account with running balance
    • Add to Payment Options
    • Gift account admin management
    • Gift card user management

Additional Hard-coded Reports

  • The system comes standard with the following reports:
    • Daily Sales Summary
    • Inventory Stock Status Reports
    • Cash, Check & Credit Balancing Report
    • Returns Report
  • The system can also be integrated with Crystal Reports functionality giving administrative users the ability to create any reports necessary, no limitations
  • If additional system-generated reports are needed, it generally takes 30-45 minutes per report depending upon the information to be included.

Scheduling & Online Service Ticket

  • Customer ability to sign-up online and create service ticket
  • Administrative & Employee User ability add, manage and delete service tickets
  • Ticket tracked to product S/N for Warranty Tracking
  • Ticket Repair Log & Notes tracked by user

Multiple Store Locations

  • Modifications to allow for addition of multiple store locations
  • Corporate administrative ability to manage all store location data & functions
  • Administrative user ability to add new store location with associated employees and inventory
  • All stores to use exact same methods and forms
  • Managers & Employees will be assigned to store locations
  • Only Administrative user will have ability to view all locations, sales and associated employees
  • Branch inventory transfers and respective reporting

Online Employee Scheduling

  • Administrative ability to create online weekly employee schedule
  • Employee Pay Rate associated with each employee record
  • Schedule Monday through Sunday per Store Location
  • Administrative User and Store Manager ability to schedule employees each day
  • Schedule to record when employee actually clocks in/out
  • Schedule to record daily totals of of hours worked times employee Pay Rate for Total Pay
  • Schedule to calculate Total Wages, Weekly Net Sales and associated Labor Cost %


Choose From Three Purchase Options:

Purchase Outright

Own immediately with no further licensing or renewal fees for only


US Funds.

There are NO additional licensing fees or monthly charges. You can host your content management system (CMS) website application on any of our hosting plans plans OR any host of your choice supporting PHP, MySQL and Apache on a Linux, Unix or FreeBSD server.

Rent To Own

Own in 12 months for only


US Funds when using a hosting plan with Advertising Solutions.

After 12 months of on-time payments, you own the website with no further licensing or renewal fees required. At this point you may:

  1. Choose to continue hosting with Advertising Solutions and keep your e-commerce website.
  2. Choose to upgrade to the latest version of the content management system (CMS) website application and continue on another 12-month rent-to-own plan.
  3. Choose to move your hosting to a hosting provider of your choice. Please note that your website application will require a Linux, Unix or FreeBSD server running PHP, MysQL and Apache.

Monthly Rental

Rent month-to-month for only


US Funds, including hosting.

The monthly rental program allows you to rent the Web-Based Point-of-Sale website application without the upfront investment of purchasing and includes the following benefits & features:

  1. Includes setup on a Advertising Solutions Hosting Plan at no additional cost.
  2. Includes monthly hosting up to a Level 4 Hosting Plan, or an equivalent credit towards a larger Advertising Solutions Hosting Plan of your choice.
  3. Always have the latest updates and upgrades automatically integrated into your content management system (CMS) website system.
  4. Month-to-month solution that you can cancel at anytime.
  5. Can be purchased outright at anytime and moved to your hosting provider of choice. Please note that your website application will require a Linux, Unix or FreeBSD server running PHP, MysQL and Apache.

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