How To Advertise On Social Media - Developing an Effective Landing Page (Part 2 of 3)

How To Advertise On Social Media

Developing an Effective Landing Page (Part 2 of 3)

Revised May 30, 2018
Originally Published August 17, 2016

(This is Part 2 in a three part series. See Part 1 or Part 3.)

Whether for social media ads, search engine ads or organic listings, a landing page can make or break an advertising campaign. An effective landing page will generate revenue and prospects for the company's sales department. An ineffective landing page may lose prospects; or worse yet, potentially scare them away from ever buying from a company.

Landing Page Setup

There are many theories as to whether landing pages should include the website's normal navigation and menu structure. Whether the landing page is for traffic from search results, search engine ads, or social media ads - helps to determine whether the landing page should include the normal website navigational structure, or no navigation & distractions at all:

  • Organic/Natural Search Results - Landing pages from organic search results are often okay to include a site's regular navigation. In fact, additional site navigation and links to more information is often wanted and needed for traffic orginating from organic searches. The landing page for natural/organic searches should normally allow users to easily find additional information as needed: learn more about the company, its products, and services.

  • Paid Search Ads - For paid search engine ads, the landing page usually should not have any distractions to detract from the sales offer at hand. The landing page should be a self contained website page that gives the user everything they need to complete the offer at hand. There are always exceptions depending on the campaign goal and industry; there may be need, or cause, for normal website navigation.

  • Paid Social Media Ads - Very rarely should landing pages for social media ads have additional navigation that distracts the user. When it comes to social media, the user is coming from an environment of numerous distractions and posts. If the landing page has irrelevant links to elsewhere on the site, the user is already “mentally conditioned” from the social media platform to "look around". This conditioning can easily cause the user to lose focus on the offer, and begin clicking around the site. Such distractions can result in the user losing the offer page, or becoming overwhelmed with additional information; both often resulting in the user leaving the site altogether.

Once the overall setup of the landing page has been determined, there are additional elements to consider to complete the offer.

Essential Landing Page Elements

All landing pages should include the following attributes to be effective and successful:

Grab User's Attention

In today's world, the landing page must grab the user's attention within a split second or less. Landing pages from social medias (where attention spans are even shorter than normal,) must REALLY grab a user's attention. If the user's interest isn't sparked right away, one runs the risk of losing that prospect to another ad.

Some popular methods of grabbing attention today are by using video backgrounds on the landing page. This in effect creates a TV commercial feel and can really pull the user in.

Show User Value

Customers rarely want to know about the lengthy history of the business, nor how many awards have been won. Instead consumers want to know what problem this offer is going to solve in their life:

  • Why should the customer purchase this offer?
  • What value does this offer provide to the customer?
  • What problem does the offer solve?

The solution to the problem must be something that is quickly and easily seen at first glance. User's short attention spans today will not allow for lengthy paragraphs of information, but instead require short, quick, to-the-point infographics or bullet points.

Build Trust & Confidence

An effective landing page should build immediate trust and confidence; prompting the consumer that it's safe to move forward with the offer. Building such immediate trust can be done in multiple methods:

  • From the “https” in the address bar showing the transaction is secure,
  • To the quotes and testimonials from prior customers talking about the quality,
  • To icons of awards and certifications such as BBB accredited;

The landing page must portray trust and confidence.

Such elements give the user confidence that should anything go wrong, they can easily contact the company for a resolution.

The goal is to keep directing the customer forward to take action without getting off-track. Making quotes, testimonials, awards and certifications a part of the landing page provides immediate assurance without having to navigate away from the offer to terms and conditions, or return policies and so on.

Clear & Concise Message

A landing page has no room or time for any message that is not direct and to the point. Clarity should be preferred over anything overtly creative or difficult to grasp meaning.

Get straight to the point.

  • Do not use company lingo or industry jargon.
  • Only use customer oriented words that are clear and obviously consumer oriented.
  • Write naturally yet concise, and make sure to write with a customer oriented focus.
Direct With CTA (Call to Action)

Once the offer has been provided, there must be a clear and direct Call To Action (CTA) showing the customer how to continue moving forward to complete the offer. Make it very obvious how to move forward and complete the offer.

Keep the CTA clear with obvious directions such as CLICK HERE NOW, or LEARN MORE HERE. The point of a call to action is to be completely obvious and transparent leaving nothing to chance, nor potential confusion on how to move forward.


Landing pages that utilize the above elements are more likely to have a successful campaign regardless of whether for natural search results, paid search ads, or social media ads.

This 3-part series continues next week with "Avoiding Common Advertising Mistakes (Part 3 of 3)"

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