How To Advertise On Social Media - Avoiding Common Advertising Mistakes (Part 3 of 3)

How To Advertise On Social Media

Avoiding Common Advertising Mistakes (Part 3 of 3)

Revised June 6, 2018
Originally Published August 17, 2016

(This is Part 3 in a three part series. See Part 1 or Part 2.)

Advertising on social media can be scary and confusing to new businesses, and veteran advertisers alike. In fact, many whom have tried advertising on social medias, (such as Facebook Ads) do not get the success they anticipated and hear about others achieving.

Social media advertising works when used properly. Marketing using social medias provide a greater ROI (return on investment) than most any other ad medium when implemented correctly. In some cases it can even go viral, and blow up a company's sales and lead pipeline!

It's about targeting the right audience, with the right ad, at the right time, solving the right need, for the right price.

Lack of success can be due to many factors, but most often relates to one of the following six areas:

Inappropriate Audience

When creating any advertising campaign, whether offline or online; the ad must be geared and aimed at the appropriate target audience and demographic. Showing ads to the wrong audience (while it can build general awareness) is normally a waste of advertising funds if the right decision makers aren't reached.

Most social media ad platforms today allow for the use of certain criteria for the selection of the audience; this helps to reach the appropriate demographic most likely to take action on the ad.

Lack of Clarity

Clarity is better than clever or creative. When it comes to writing ads that work, there's no time for incoherent jargon the customer may not understand, nor fluffy language. The ad copy (readable content of the ad) must be clear, concise, direct, and to the point.

In today's world, attention spans are pretty much no more than "first glance"; so if the user's attention isn't grabbed within a split second or two, the user often moves on to another more interesting social media post or ad.

Lack of Benefits

Believe it or not, prospects don't really want to know about the company, how long its been around, etc. The customer wants to know what's in it for them! They want to know how this product or service will solve their problem or issue.

They want to know what "unique value" they will gain by purchasing this product or service.

In other words:

    They're not just buying a potato peeler; they're buying a way to make potato peeling easier.
    They're not just purchasing jeans; they're buying the most comfortable, form-fitting, pair of jeans they've ever owned.

Ineffective Landing Page

More often than not, potential customers arrive at the ad landing page, only to leave seconds later. Most experts seem to agree that when prospects are coming from social medias, the most effective landing pages are those that are completely focused on the deal/product/service at hand, with no distractions.

Each landing page must have a unique goal. This goal must be geared towards the user completing the original offer mentioned in the ad. Make sure not to have any distractions to keep the user from completing the offer.

Lack of Direction

Another reason that many social media ads are not effective, or flat-out fail, is due to a lack of instruction on how to complete the offer. Prospects need to be coached and prompted on what to do next. This is often referred to as a "Call To Action" or CTA in the marketing & advertising world.

  • When attempting to gain leads, it's important to make it obvious and instruct the user on where to enter their contact information; as well as when they should expect to hear back from a company representative.

  • If attempting to sell a product or service, there needs to be obvious instruction on how to start the purchase process. From there, once the purchase process is complete, the customer must be clearly instructed on when to expect to receive the product or scheduling of the service.

Lack of Follow-Up

It's a fact that most customers do not buy the first time seeing an advertisement. This is why it's so extremely important to build follow-up into any advertising campaign.

Building in follow-up steps will vary depending on the industry, product, and service being advertised. Forms of follow-up often ranges from:

  • Immediate request for email newsletter signups,
  • To utilizing "after the fact" Facebook, Google, or other similar Re-marketing services (these services help keep the ad in front of the user as they traverse from website to website).

Ads with any of the aforementioned issues are more likely to generate ineffective or poor campaign results. Make sure to follow the basic social media advertising guidelines so as to avoid the above noted issues.

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