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Top 10 Organic Ways To Generate New Customers

Published October 26, 2017
  1. Make sure you know your target market, demographics, including the keywords and phrases they use to search.

  2. Make sure your brand is everywhere your target market is (including all social media platforms they're on - this is KEY to online word-of-mouth)

  3. Make sure your website is branded and the central hub of all your online endeavors.

  4. Make sure your website is optimized (SEO) as well as your social medias (SMO).

  5. Make sure all landing pages of your site are optimized to convert customers to a sale (LPO).

  6. Provide free insights and information as an expert on your website, and include links directly to these articles in your social medias posts.

  7. Provide case studies to show value you've created for other clients, and how you've solved their dilemmas.

  8. Provide various methods of disseminating information including: infographics, quick bullet points, as well as in-depth information (for those wanting to research deeper--this also improves SEO naturally).

  9. Provide resources to help educate consumers on your product, industry, and news.

  10. Constantly analyze both your site, and the competition to look for areas of improvement, trends, etc.
Top 10 Organic Ways To Generate New Customers

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