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Free HTML Text Editing Program

Provided by Konae Technologies, Inc.

Alleycode - Free HTML Text Editing ProgramAlleycode is a fast, sleek and highly productive award winning HTML editor with unique features. If you are new to HTML, Alleycode's great tutorial will walk you through your first coding steps... If you are an established coder you will find a refreshing, non-bloated infrastructure with fast and accurate delivery. Beyond HTML, Alleycode's wizardry focuses on PHP and CSS interaction for professional and easy management of your projects.


  • Synchro View...
    Synchro View allows you to see your progress in real time, you can also display two way synchronized code/design. Valuable time saver when dealing with large files and looking for a particular piece of information.

  • Smart XHTML Tags...
    Alleycode automatically formats 'Empty XHTML Elements' based on your 'DOCTYPE'.

  • Quick Edit...
    Right click enabled HTML tags for fast wizard supported updates. Covers all essential tags!

  • Assignments...
    Quick access to works in progress. Enter a name and project path + Add + OK. Your assignment is now available via a dropdown menu at the top of your 'Directory window".

  • CSS Wizard...
    Intuitive Style Sheet Wizard allows you to create/update either internal or external style sheets (CSS1 - CSS2).

  • Turf View...
    A somewhat unusual real estate view of your project. Convenient if you a have a small screen. Turf gives you complete "right click"control over Alleycode.

  • Optimizer...
    Alleycode includes a very useful "Optimizer" wizard which will help you keep your meta content accurate and search engine friendly.

  • Text Toolbar...
    The Text Toolbar displays common text utilities including useful tools such as Print, Search, Search Replace, Directory Window and Turf Mode access .

  • HTML Toolbar...
    The main HTML Toolbar gives you quick functionality control such as Synchro View, Browser Preview, Directory (Assignments) View, FTP access, Search and Replace and Preferences while the tabbed toolbar covers Common HTML tags, Optimizer, Properties, Image insert, spans selection, Anchor dialog, Tables Wizard , Forms tags, CSS Wizard and PHP samples and statements.

  • Library and Directory window ...
    Complete Click'n'Insert HTML3.2, HTML4.1, CSS1-2 and PHP function library. Directory folder and "Assignment" organizer for quick access to works in progress. Optionally combine with "Reload Open Documents" for quick start.


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